Mayra Luz Alemán Vizcaíno

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Higher Graduate Specialization in Singing in the Ignacio Cervantes Conservatory in Havana. He is also a researcher and composer. It counted among its professors to Carmelia Santana, Esther Borja, Maria beet, Felix Guerrero, among others.

He has received master classes with professors and graduate as Amalia Ariaga, Jean P. Bergaza Mastromei and Teresa. In his career has gone by Gonzalo Roig Lyric Theatre, Musical Theatre of Havana, the group Lyrical concert and opera Jorge Anckerman Nacional de Cuba where he has been a guest soloist for leading roles in operettas and concerts. In 1979 he received the Award for Female Vocalists Competition Lyrical Gonzalo Mantici in Havana.

Founded in 1981 and is involved with musical personalities with Harold Gramatges, Carlos Fariñas and Argelier Lion, the First Meeting of Intersolistas of Symphony Orchestras in the city of Camagüey. In 1983 Prize awarded by the foundation of the town of San Jose de Las Lajas, with his song guitar awaits us. In 1984 a research and rescue Cuban musical heritage and recorded eight songs for radio Cuban anonymous nineteenth century with pianist Raul Iglesias in collaboration with the National Museum of Music. In 1986 recorded an album with the little-known Mangrove Symphonic Poem composer Ernesto Lecuona with the Symphony Orchestra of Camaguey and Santiago de Cuba, merged and directed by the baton of Maestro. Jorge Luis Betancourt. Already in 1987, on the occasion of the centenary of the composer Heitor Villa-Lobos, recorded for Radio Musical Nacional CMBF eight Brazilian serenades by this author, some of which premiered in Cuba by this soprano.

In 1991 he performed the premiere in Cuba of the Biblical Songs of Czech composer Antonin Dvorak at the headquarters of the Embassy of the country with pianist Teuza Amado. In this year the Austrian Embassy in Cuba gives Mozart Award for Outstanding Teaching in the interpretation and the bicentennial of the famous Austrian composer. Has worked worked with the Symphony Orchestra of the country, National and Provincial Band. He has performed in major theaters in the country, radio and television stations, both Cubans and foreigners. He has worked with pianists and conductors as Maria Romeu, Hector Quintero, Michael Patterson, Manuel Duchesne, Gonzalo and Zenaida Romeu, Nelson Camacho, Juan Espinosa, among others.

He received the distinction twentieth anniversary for their outstanding participation in the cultural development of the country and the Raúl Gómez García medal. He has practiced the teaching of singing at the Conservatoire Fernando Carsicer of Havana and currently teaches at the Community Project In This leaves the Sun Nicolás Guillén Foundation of Habana del Este. In 2005 she recorded the CD: Mayra Luz, a soprano always under the signature of Moira, moving through various styles and accompanied by Maestro. Juan Espinosa. Today is solo vocalist National Center of Concert Music, member of the UNEAC and Nicolas Guillen Foundation


Medal awarded by the National CTC by 30 years of artistic work and its contribution to the national culture.

Amadeo Roldan Diploma by merit and contribution to the development of music, given by the UNEAC.

Medal 220th anniversary of the founding of San Jose de las Lajas, for his artwork-teacher for development of culture.

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